Accessory Kit (TS-DBK7)

Designed exclusively for Transcend's DrivePro Body 30, the accessory kit includes a protective cover and a safety chain. When the DrivePro Body 30 is attached to a uniform or vest using a clip or Velcro holder, the safety chain can be added to prevent accidental device detachment.

Key Features

  • Protective cover for the DrivePro Body 30. A metal loop is designed to connect the cover with the safety chain.
  • The 25-centimeter safety chain is sturdy and durable. One end can be hooked onto the protective cover, while the other end can be attached to user's uniform, vest, or other suitable attachment points, preventing the device from falling off.


Ambiente de Operación

Dispositivo Soportado
  • DrivePro Body 30


  • Garantía Limitada de Un Año
Politica de Garantía
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Contenido del Paquete
  • Protective cover
  • Safety chain

Referencia del Producto

  • TS-DBK7 Compatible con DrivePro Body 30