TCG Opal Toolbox / SDK

100% secure. Zero sweat.
Obtain the Transcend TCG Opal Toolbox & SDK for easy
management of encrypted SSDs.

Transcend offers the TCG Opal SDK, a developer-friendly software development kit that allows enterprises to manage their TCG Opal 2.0 and 256-bit AES compliant SSDs at the software level, bringing ease of management into line with secure hardware encryption that is just about impossible to crack. Supporting Windows and Linux OS, the TCG Opal SDK is ideal for implementation into business and industries where data security is of pivotal importance. Clients working in the financial and gaming industries, cloud data centers, surveillance, and government agencies can easily build a more secure storage solution upon their original data security architecture.

Transcend in addition offers the TCG Opal Toolbox. This versatile management software features a simple and intuitive interface that enables painless management of Self-Encrypting Devices (SEDs) without compromising security. The software includes key utilities such as obtaining SSD encryption status, Set Password, Set Locking Range, Pre-Boot Authentication, and Revert functions.

Set Password

Users may set a password to control access to the drive. Where drive locations are password-protected, only users with the correct key will be authorized entry.

Set Locking Range

The device manager may create a logical block address (LBA) range and assign different permissions for each particular range. Only users with the correct authentication key may perform permitted actions.

Pre-Boot Authentication

When the user starts the device, the shadow MBR will conduct a pre-boot identification. Where the user is cleared, the normal boot process will begin and connections to devices be made.


Users can restore the storage device to its default settings by entering a unique set of PSID (Physical Secure ID). The function allows for secure and permanent erasure of all sensitive or confidential data.

Recommended Products

Transcend offers technology customization options for selected models. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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